3D bulk mining

3D bulk mining

This example demonstrates a 3D bulk mining model. Contours of the minor principal stress are shown on a horizontal plane through the crown pillar, and on a vertical cutting plane.

The model was constructed with 655 3D blocks using FF (fictitious force) elements. From this data, Map3D generated 3560 surfaces and subsequently discretized these into 8959 boundary elements, thus requiring over 27000 degrees of freedom. 1556 grid points were calculated for display of the results. Due to efficient lumping, the matrix size required for this analysis was only 244 MBytes.

Sample Code

17avril.zip contains the analysis results pictured above.

Download Example
  1. Unzip 17avril.zip to create 17avril.001 and 17avril.002
  2. To display these results in Map3D, use File > Open Analysis Results and select 17avril.001
  3. Select the desired step using File > Mining Step.
  4. To display the stresses use Plot > Stress > Minor Principal Stress.
  5. To view results on both grids, use Plot > Grid Selection > Grid 2 and check grid 2.