Map3D is a fully integrated three-dimensional layout (CAD), visualization (GIS) and stability analysis package (BEM stress analysis). Various program modules can be used to construct models, analyze and display stresses, strains, displacements, strength factors and probability of failure contours. Map3D is suitable for building and modelling rock and soil engineering design problems involving both irregular 3D massive excavations, tunnels and tabular shapes.

Models can include underground excavations, rock slopes, open pits, tunnels, fractures and surface infrastructure loads. The stress analysis models can simulate yielding (non-linear) zones of different moduli (e.g. stiff dykes or soft ore zones) and loads due to steady state thermal/fluid flow. Excavations can be intersected by multiple discrete faults (non-planar and gouge filled) that slip and open. Map3D can simulate ground support elements such as arches, steel sets, props, thick liners, chalks, backfill etc.

The program is designed for fast, easy building and visualization of 3D models:

  • - Self-contained 3D CAD system for model construction
  • - Integrated GIS for storing, analyzing and displaying geographical reference information
  • - Advanced Elasto-plastic boundary element (BEM) stress analysis
  • - 64 bit platform and parallel processing allows for practically unlimited problem size
Map3D Overview