Pricing for Map3D

Note that annual license fees include all upgrades and maintenance ( )

Academic discount, save 67% on all annual term licence plans.

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Map3D Basic
32-Bit, 1-Core

Map3D Professional
64-bit up to 16-core

Map3D Suite
64-bit, up to 16-core

Network USBoverIP key access Optional - see below Optional - see below Optional - see below
Multi-processor Multi-core processing Multi-core processing
Multi-disk access Parallel disk access Parallel disk access
64 Bit 64 Bit 64 Bit
Accumulated damage tracking Accumulated damage tracking ** Accumulated damage tracking **
Boolean preprocessing
Automated discretization
Stress Analysis
Results Viewer
Visualization Database
Map3D Fault-Slip
Map3D Integrated-Seismicity
Map3D Non-Linear (3D)
Map3D Plasticity (3D)
Problem size 200,000 elements
400,000 nodes
2,000,000 elements*
8,000,000 nodes*
2,000,000 elements*
8,000,000 nodes*
* Larger capacity available if requested
** Accumulated damage tracking allows elastic models to track and store damage history thoughout multiple mining step analyses

Networked Key Access via USBoverIP

  • Map3D detects USBoverIP and only allows this if the licence is enabled for this.
  • Only one computer may access the key at a time - No simultaneous use is permitted.
  • This USBoverIP solution will be very useful in office settings where multiple users want to share access to the same dongle.
  • Suitable USBoverIP software includes: - Donglify, - USB over network,, - USB redirector, - USB networkgate, SysNucleus - USB device share,,, - AnywhereUSB.

Academic Discount

  • Save 67% on all annual prices listed above
  • Available as single user 1 year licence (for thesis work), or alternatively an 8 user 3 month licence (for course teaching).
  • Commercial consulting projects do not qualify, commercial research does not qualify.
  • The academic discount applies for uses of Map3D for educational purposes only. The intended reason for the discount is to allow teachers and students to apply Map3D for their thesis and/or educational work. If this use involves analyses for mines, this is acceptable provided this is required for the thesis work.
  • In order to qualify for the academic discount you must supply the name of the students, title of the thesis and the contact details for the student and the student's supervisor. Copies of all publications that arise from the research must be supplied to Map3D International Ltd.