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Please take a moment to have a look at the new demo version of Map3D. This has been produced specifically to make it easier for educational institutions to provide teaching using Map3D.

This demonstration version of Map3D is fully functional except that analyses are limited to models with sizes less than 32 surfaces, 64 coordinates, 1024 boundary nodes and 2048 field points. These limitations can severely limit the accuracy of the analysis results you will obtain. The licensed version of Map3D currently accommodates models with 2,000,000 surfaces and coordinates, and 8,000,000 boundary nodes and field points.

With this demo you will be able to construct models, conduct intersection, discretization and stress analyses. You will also be able to view results for a pre-selected set of analyses (you can submit your own analysis result files to and they will be enabled for viewing by the demo version).

Map3D International Ltd. will grant upon request, the right to download and copy this demo version at no charge. The conditions for use of this product are that it is only to be used for demonstration or educational purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes of any kind. Do not download if you do not agree to these conditions.

This page allows visitors to download the latest update. Updates are regularly posted as modifications and corrections are made. The details you enter in this form will be used to keep track of which release of Map3D you are currently using so you can be notified of any bug fixes, modifications and/or updates.

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