Testimonials - Map3D

De parte mia y de mi compañero de trabajo de tesis (Leo Basáez), queremos agradecer su apoyo en la gestión para la obtención de la licencia para el software Map3D. Ha sido un recurso vital, sin el cual nuestro trabajo no hubiera podido tener avances. A su vez, le solicitamos hacer llegar estos agradecimientos al Sr. Terry Wiles, por la gran disposición que tuvo y por contribuir con su potente software a finiquitar nuestro pregrado.

Victor Alfaro, La Serena University, Chile

A very handy software and easy. It took me 30 min to install and generate a model (stopes of a single mining level) and quickly evaluate it. This would have taken one day to use with other programs, got similar results in elastic model.

Mikko Lamberg, Principal Mining Consultant - Project Manager, Pöyry Finland Oy, Vantaa Finland

Thanks for a wonderful course; I must say it is one of the best courses I have attended. So now I am full of ideas!

Peter Fjellström, Rock Mechanics Engineer, Boliden Mines Technology, Boliden Sweden

I use Map3D on a weekly and sometime daily basis. When I have emailed asking for assistance, the response has always been prompt and helpful. I have received both user and modelling theory/ technical support. Considering the prevalent use of Map3D, I find this personal attention impressive. Further to this, I appreciate the ease of licencing maintenance and program updates, which reduces time spent on admin related tasks.

Shonagh Walker, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
Chinova Resources, Australia

I have been using Map3D for many years and greatly appreciate the power and clarity it offers, especially when comparing different mining options. This allows for the most suitable mining strategy to be selected, and if required direct calibration to observed seismicity and or ground conditions is done. When displaying results it is so easy to export into excel for further number crunching and then presenting such in graphs for management. Doing the modelling is one thing, selling such to management can be tricky, however easy export to a wide variety of formats helps to make the understanding and the selling so much easier. The user manual is well written and is loaded with information which is direct and to the point, and is my first port of call when I come across a problem. If I can't come right with the manual, then the response from the technical support is quick, accurate and to the point, minimising the wait period.

Paul Brenchley
Northern Star Resources Limited, Australia

After using Map3D for a couple of years, it has truely become an integrated part of my work as a mining rock mechanics engineer. The use I make can be simple routine check ups like verifying proximity of drives to ore/waste/ventilation passes, or more complexe cases as back analysis of stopes mined next to a fault. Construction being simplified by allowing to import cad files directly to Map3D, it is easy to set up a 3 dimensional model in hours. Multiple geological lithology (different materials types) can also be created with the possibility of having independent stress states for each zones. When in doubt about an analysis result or if I just need to validate the construction of an complexe model, I often rely on the technical support provided. Receiving feed back from Terry is relatively fast : in less then 24h ! In a whole, this makes me feel confident that I will receive proper guidance in acheiving my modeling goals.

M. Armatys, Eng.
Hecla Quebec, Canada

Map3D is a great modeling tool that I use to simulate mining activities from multiple fronts which could be covering large footprint of a mine. It is

  • easy and quick to construct the geometry of area of interest.
  • reliable and has been providing very useful guidance, using proper calibration and interpretation criterion.
  • I’ve been using it to analyze stope stability, infrastructure stability, and mining sequence etc. Technical support is received in details and in time (within a few hours of inquiry)

    Wei Wei
    Vale, Canada

    Map3D as a mine-wide 3D stress modelling program in AGA. In the deep, narrow, tabular mining environment where we mine, the modelling program of choice must easily accommodate large mining areas and intricate 3D geometry in the model. 3D non-linear codes are in general not cost effective for this routine type if modelling considering complexity and runtimes. Map3D is easy to use and cost effective to model stress redistribution associated with mining in this environment. We also use Map3D to model the expected field stress associated with a mining geometry and use that as input into a 2D or even 3D non-linear model where it is impractical to set up a mine-wide model.
    Typical scenarios tested with Map3D:

  • Stress re-distribution associated with mining, whether narrow tabular or large service excavations, to quantify stress levels and apply appropriate criteria
  • Tunnel stability – Sigma 1, Rockwall condition factor
  • Pillar stability – Average pillar stress
  • Regional stope stability – maximum closure, closure volume
  • Local stope stability – Energy release rate, rock mass seismic release
  • Shaft stability – ride, tilt, strain
  • Lourens Scheepers, Manager Rock Engineering
    Anglogold Ashanti, South Africa

    From my experience, Map3D Fault-Slip is a very useful tool to work on underground projects when elastic behaviours are expected, or practical equations are used to interpret the behaviour of the rock mass. The geometry is easy to build and the mining sequence is easy to be defined. When the model is set, allows you to identify zones with high stresses and the orientation that they have, and how they change according the mining sequence pre-defined.

    D. Prado, Senior Consultant (Geotechnical Engineering)
    SRK Consulting (Australasia) Pty Ltd, Australia

    I have been using Map3D since the beginnings of this underground project. It has been the main tool for our analysis involving drift scale analysis, macrosequence analysis and seismic forecasting analysis. We like this tool because it is easy to learn and we can get good values to start working in engineering in short time. Most of the base information used in Map3D comes from strength tests and stress measurements done by ourselves. Mine geometry is also mapped by ourselves.

    All of this makes Map3D an excellent tool for us.

    Juan Andres Troncoso Jarufe
    Codelco, Chile

    Knight Piésold routinely uses Map3D to provide rock mechanics support to operating mines or mining projects. The modelling is focused on underground mining, although overlying open pits have been incorporated into the models. Using Map3D has allowed Knight Piésold to offer 3D numerical modelling services in a cost effective and timely manner.

    The CAD functionality in Map3D and the ability to import mine geometries from AutoCAD has resulted in significant time savings when building models. In addition, the technical support has been timely and helpful.

    Based on our experience, Knight Piésold will continue to use Map3D as part of our rock mechanics consulting services.

    Knight Piésold, Canada

    I have known and worked with Terry for over 20 years and have used Map3D as an important tool in both mine design and education over that period. The client support provided, both in responsiveness and in problem solving has never lagged. Suggestions for improvements and additions were always considered and incorporated into new versions of Map3D. Today, it’s ease of use, CAD front and back-end, data export and analysis tools are recognised and appreciated by mining professionals worldwide. A highly recommended tool for your mine design toolkit, whether you’re on an operating mine site or working as a consultant or researcher, the range of applications goes from simple model geometry and parametric studies to complex interaction between stress, mining, structure and seismicity data in elastic and non-linear conditions.

    Chris Langille, P.Eng, MAusIMM CP(Mining)
    Northwind Enterprises Pty Ltd, Australia

    After using Map3D for a couple of years, it has truely become an integrated part of my work as a mining rock mechanics engineer. The use I make can be simple routine check ups like verifying proximity of drives to ore/waste/ventilation passes, or more complexe cases as back analysis of stopes mined next to a fault. Construction being simplified by allowing to import cad files directly to Map3D, it is easy to set up a 3 dimensional model in hours. Multiple geological lithology (different materials types) can also be created with the possibility of having independent stress states for each zones. When in doubt about an analysis result or if I just need to validate the construction of an complexe model, I often rely on the technical support provided. Receiving feed back from Terry is relatively fast : in less then 24h ! In a whole, this makes me feel confident that I will receive proper guidance in acheiving my modeling goals.

    M. Armatys, eng.
    Hecla Quebec, Canada

    Map3D remains an essential tool for our business that is used on many of our projects so it is very relevant to us. I have always received prompt and helpful technical support for phone or email queries. And also the website was an invaluable source of information, tips and inspiration from time to time – but now seems much more perfunctory.

    Peter Jenkins
    Dempers & Seymour, Australia

    I have been using Map3D since 2,008 and I found it is a very powerful and flexible tool for stress modeling and model calibration: underground observations of ground response against stress redistribution. When I had questions about some features or special needs I asked directly to you and I found a very prompt and professional response.

    Cesar Ichillumpa
    North American Palladium Ltd, Canada

    Map3D is a powerful and versatile 3D boundary element programme. I have been using Map3D for approximately 20 years, analysing multi-seam bord-and-pillar, longwall, pillar extraction, and complex sub-level open stoping mine designs. The software has evolved much in this period and Terry has always listened to clients’ needs and developed Map3D to incorporate client requests through regular and meaningful software updates. Of particular note is the support that has been provided by Terry over the years. He has always personally attended to my enquiries and has responded promptly, and has shown dedication patience in supporting me to developing solutions.

    Johann van Wijk, Principal Geotechnical Engineer
    AMC Consultants, Australia

    Map3D has become the de facto standard for numerical modelling of mining layouts worldwide. The program is easy to use with Courses run frequently for all levels of user. The support is excellent with responses provided within 24 hours. Any bugs are thoroughly investigated and a fix provided in the subsequent update.

    Steve Webber
    Salt Lake Mining Pty Ltd, Australia

    I have been a Map3D user since the mid-nineties and have used it routinely for the past 20-odd years of my career for improving my understanding of underground rock mechanics design issues. The code and user interface are simple to use and intuitive, having developed over many years of user interaction and continuous improvement. With MAP3d, the response time to support-related queries is always swift and suggestions for code enhancements are welcomed and acted on. From the earliest years of my association with Map3D I have been fortunate enough to know Terry Wiles personally and professionally and his ideas and teachings have inspired me in my pursuit of practical numerical solutions to mine design.

    Gordon Sweby, Senior Research Engineer
    Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Australia

    Vi inom Boliden gruvor har använt Map3D sedan 2012. Idag använder vi Map3D för spänningsanalyser i våra underjordsgruvor i Sverige och på Irland. Resultaten från analyserna har använts för att bestämma bergförstärkning , brytningssekvenser, placering av ramper och infrastruktur samt göra stabilitetsanalyser av pelare och öppna brytningsrum. Map3D är enkelt att använda. Den inbyggda CAD funktionen i Map3D gör det lätt att bygga och ändra geometrier. Resultaten kan enkelt redovisas på med hjälp av plottar av spänningen eller exporteras till Excel. Den tekniska supporten svarar snabbt på frågor och är också behjälplig med lösningar och förbättringar för de modeller vi byggt.

    K. Pérez
    Boliden Mines, Sweden

    Map3D is probably one of the most useful modelling software for ground control engineers. I have used it for over 20 years and when coupled with sound engineering judgment, it will provide you with the tools to select appropriate design and extraction sequence for any type of ore body.

    Denis Thibodeau
    SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.

    I had a very successful experience with Map3D. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. It is a very powerful tool that provided all the necessary functions to achieve my project goals. In the case, where I needed extra help or guidance, it was easy to get in contact with Terry who responded in a timely manner - most of the times within 24 hours. Terry is constantly engaging with his users by providing tailiored solutions to their needs. For example when I approached Terry with an issue I was having with data collection, he adapted the program to include an additional function that helped me collect data more efficiently. This kind of support is unique to the Map3D brand. I am very satisfied with the software and the support of the Map3D team.

    Myriam Jebali
    McGill University, Montreal Quebec Canada

    What an amazing program. I found it to be extremely user friendly once I got the hang of it after a few days, it was a real pleasure to work with it. The User's Manual within the program was easy to follow and was a great source of information during my (dissertation) write-up. Thank you Dr Wiles.

    George Kyriacou
    Mopani Copper Mines, Nkana South mining operation, Zambia

    When stress analysis programmes started at the dawn of the PC Era, I was there, watching, participating and anticipating new and better software, from the electric resistance analog to Minap, Minsim with punch cards, FLAC and Udec. I have been using Map3D for over a decade now and still have to find its equal in user friendliness and speed. Map3D does what it ought to do and does it quickly. The graphical user interface is intuitive and user friendly, helping the engineer to spend time on interpretation rather than model building. Over the years I have found the support to be exemplary, getting sensible and useful answers from Terry directly, invariably within 24 hours. Wish lists for features never grow long, as Terry implements the worthwhile ones very quickly, usually within a month. Terry has also never shied away from answering rock mechanics answers where required, without asking consulting fees. The training courses that I have attended have been very useful and expertly and professionally conducted.

    Karel Balt, Senior Rock Engineer
    WorleyParsonsRSA, Australia

    I was pleased frequently use 3D Map program during my studies where finished off my master's study on an ancient tomb at Saqqara in Egypt, and I wanted to specifically work study of the stresses acting on this origin under the surface in order to do my proposal to do work to strengthen geometric her where she is exposed to several collapses , and particularly also thank Dr. Wales where he had to send a copy of the program and also helped me a lot in how to use it in my work.

    Heba Magdy Abdel Latef
    Phosphate Misr, Egypt

    I have found Map3D to provide significant value for the analysis/evaluation of underground and surface mining projects. The program is easy to use and contain detailed help notes. In all the occasions where technical or installation assistance was required, it was provided quickly and always ensuring that the identified issue had been resolved.

    Tony da Silva, MAusIMM(CP)
    Geohart Consultants, Australia

    Having used Map3D since 2004 I have found it to be a robust and reliable code. In my experience assessments can be completed successfully and in relatively speaking good time even for complex and often quite ambitious problems. I have used it extensively in deep level hard rock stress and seismic assessments, in shallow mining pillar assessments and in massive mining applications. The code is not void of usual numerical modelling idiosyncrasies, but after sales support is always quick, efficient and very informative.

    Jody Thompson, Manager of Geotechnical and Rock Engineering
    WorleyParsonsRSA, South Africa

    I have been involved with Mine Modelling Pty Ltd for over 17 years, and have witnessed profound development of the Map3D boundary element numerical modelling program. Apart from the proven track record of the model solving engine in terms of accuracy and efficiency, major improvements included a full 3D interactive graphical interface and parallel processing. Various back analyses and correlations with observations over the years have supplied confidence that modelled stresses and displacements are realistic, and this capability has become indispensable.

    Applications of Map3D in our mining environment include tunnel and stope stability based on accepted rock mechanics criteria, mine layout design and scheduling, and understanding of stresses driving seismicity. Technical support has always been outstanding – prompt feedback and bug fixing, addition of new features requested by users, and proficient rock mechanics insight into mining related problems.

    After model building and setup from the CAD interface, it is easy to solve and start analysing results. Visualisation of results and the 3D interaction is excellent, and all results can be post processed. For both rock mechanics practitioner and researcher, access to rock mass elastic stress simulation is invaluable, and with Map3D it is possible to extract relevant results for the whole mine in reasonable time.

    Gerhard Hofmann, Senior Mine Seismologist (M. Sc., GDE)
    Anglogold Ashanti, South Africa

    The program (Map3D) itself is a very powerful and easy to use program for linear elastic infinite domain problems. The updates relating to the surface interface detection logic have helped streamline building complex geometries and makes the program a lot more streamlined. The input file format (from what I’ve seen from other programs) is in a very powerful and logical format that allows for very large models to be produced from a text file with very high user efficiency (I can build ~1000-2000 stopes per hour with no geometric errors after some pre-processing). Map3D is my preferred software choice for 3D linear elastic stress analysis.

    Support wise your quickness to respond and thorough understanding of the boundary element mechanics produces a very good technical support service. Problems are usually solved within days and helps greatly when working on projects with tight time frames.

    Aidan Ford
    Mining One Consultants, Australia

    Map3D takes complex concepts and makes them simple to apply. It brings powerful functionality to mine site practitioners and the ability to rapidly test sensitivity, re-run models and test changes to extraction sequence and method as new understanding and observations come from progressive mining. The people writing the code and supporting the package are experienced rock mechanics engineers who still use the product for analysis. Their combination of understanding the practical applications and numerical modelling principles is first class.

    Terry develops features to the program in response to user feedback. Assistance is only a phone call away and there is a high level of participation from the support team to resolve unique issues. It amazing how quickly you can actually see changes to the package as its updated in response to the needs of a few individuals. Map3D is made for users and shaped by users.

    Map3D is my first stop analysis package and guides high level decision making. Its simple to understand visual display of advanced analyses allows effective communication to non-expert audiences in real time.

    Rowland Whiting, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
    MineGeoTech Pty Ltd, Australia

    Map3D is the most practical and user-friendly 3D stress analysis package I’ve used, and as an underground mining geotechnical engineer I found it to be an invaluable tool. Any questions or issues I had were always responded to very promptly by the technical support team. The training course is also extremely instructive both in terms of background theory as well as hands on modelling, and I would highly recommend attending one if you can.

    Mike Martin, P.Eng., RPEQ, Principal Geotechnical Engineer
    BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance, Australia

    I have been using Map3D for more than 15 years in both consulting and operational roles. I find the greatest benefit of Map3D to be its ability to perform rapid mine scale evaluations and develop a better understanding of the likely rockmass response to mining. For more challenging models, the technical support from Dr. Terry Wiles have always been outstanding.

    Kobus du Plooy
    AngloGold Ashanti, Australia

    I have found Map3D to be a useful tool for handling small and large-scale 3D geomechanical analyses. The CAD interface for building and sequencing the models is straightforward, allowing new users to catch-on. In conjunction with experience, observations, and calibration, the program can provide meaningful results to assist with design decision making. The diligent technical support provided by Terry and his team is much appreciated.

    Ben Cottrell, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
    AMC Consultants (Canada) Ltd, Canada

    I have found Map3D to be a 3D numerical software that is user friendly and assists in the overall engineered solution. I have used this software on over fifty(50) mine operations throughout the world and should be part of your tool box. Technical support is immediate and helpful particularly when one is conducting studies that are unique and conceptual in nature.

    Rimas Pakalnis (Pakalnis and Associates)
    Emeritus Professor at UBC, Canada

    The MAP3D training course was complete with important information. Not only did it demonstrate how to build a model, it also provided an understanding of the numerical modelling and all its input parameters. Apart from that, the technical support service have promptly answered any questions I sent through email at my workplace.

    M. Melhem
    (Sandfire Resources NL), Australia

    I have found MAP3D to provide significant value for the analysis/evaluation of underground and surface mining projects. The program is easy to use and contain detailed help notes. In all the occasions where technical or installation assistance was required, it was provided quickly and always ensuring that the identified issue had been resolved.

    Tony da Silva, MAusIMM(CP), Senior Geotechnical Engineer
    Geohart Consultants, Australia

    Map3D is very powerful software for stability analysis of underground excavation in rocks. It is easy to input 3D excavation blocks and geo-structures by DXF model or construction line model. Once the reliable general model is built up, it is convenient to add a new blocks and elements into it. It is very important to calibrate calculation results from Map3D with real data existed in the rocks. To compare the stresses from Map3D simulation around excavation with rock stresses from stresses measurement is essential. For example, to avoid influence from other factors, calibration can be started from comparing stresses in single pillar because of vertical stress is dominated stress in the pillar so it is easy to do. This adjusting procedure will be carried out again after mining going deeper or following a new area to be opened since the initial stresses and rocks’ properties can be changed. Simulation procedure above is used in Tara Mine for nearly 20 years. In general I use Map3D as my main tool to estimate stability of the excavation in Tara mine. I hope these words will give some Map3D feedback information to you. Thank you for your developed and developing Map3D.

    Dr. Deling Feng, Senior Geotechnical Engineer
    Supervisor of Geotech. & Backfill
    Boliden Tara Mines Limited, Ireland

    I have used Map3D for the last 15 years and every time I had an issue with it was resolved within 24 hours. I would highly recommend using Map3D for numerical analysis purposes due to its ease in set and use, knowing support is available if required.

    Pravin Kumar
    Northparkes Mine, Australia

    I have been a user of the Map3D software for many years. The software is friendly and easy to learn. The 64bit version dramatically improves the model run times. We use the results for long range planning at the mine and back analysis of underground observations. Dr. Terry Wiles is always available to help.

    Ali Jalbout P.Eng., Snr. Ground Control Engineer
    Nickel Rim South Mine, Sudbury Intergrated Nickel Operations
    A Glencore Company, Canada

    One of best geotechnical softwares in the world, I desire to use it in underground mining geotechnical designing and geotechnical analysis.

    Tresor Mambundju

    En un trabajo junto al Dr. Rimas Pakalnis, pudimos ver la aplicación del programa Map3D y a partir de ahí venimos utilizando el programa en múltiples operaciones mineras del Perú y Sudamérica, donde destacan su versatilidad en el manejo y los resultados ayudan en el entendimiento de problemas geomecánicos muy complejos. Felicitaciones al equipo Map3D por el aporte tecnológico y que continúe con el estilo de trabajo.

    Joel Cabrera, Geotécnico Senior, SRK Consulting (Peru) S.A.

    A mediados de este año comencé a trabajar en mi tesis modelando el campo de esfuerzos en uno de los sectores geotécnicamente complejos de Minera Florida, una mina de oro, plata y zinc ubicada en Chile central. Hasta el momento mi experiencia con Map3D ha sido excelente, el software es muy amigable con los nuevos usuarios y fácil de usar. Durante todos estos meses, cada vez que he tenido alguna duda o problema con el uso del software tanto Terry Wiles como Claudio Martinez me han brindado todo su apoyo para resolverlo de manera rápida. En ese sentido, el soporte que brindan es excelente y muy personalizado. Trabajar con Map3D ha sido una grata experiencia

    Jorge Cortez Campaña, Ingeniero Memorista Minera Florida - Yamana Gold