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IconMap3D Overview
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IconBoundary Element Formulation
IconRock Mass Response Predictions Using Numerical Modelling
IconImplementation of Modelling into the Mine Design Process
IconModel Building and Editing
IconModel Building and Editing
IconBuilding Surface Models
IconBuilding Models out of Blocks
IconConstructing Alternate Material Zones
IconMaterial Codes - Mining Step Sequence
IconDefining Ground Surface
IconDefining Open Pits
IconDefining Fault Planes and Tabular Mining Zones
IconDefining Inactive Blocks for Visualization Purposes
IconCommon Problems When Model Building
IconDiscretizaiton and Lumping
IconModel Building Tutorials
IconFreehand Sketching - Room and Pillar Mining
IconBulk Mining Example
IconTabular Mining Example
IconDDLoop Pillar Example
IconFFLoop Drift Example
IconFFLoop Stope Example
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IconRotation Increment
IconZoom Factor
IconView XY plane
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IconView 640x480
IconContinuous Rotation
IconPlot Menu
IconMajor Principal Stress
IconIntermediate Principal Stress
IconMinor Principal Stress
IconMaximum Shear Stress
IconIn-Plane Shear Stress
IconIn-Plane Normal Stress
IconIn-Plane Maximum Stress
IconIn-Plane Minimum Stress
IconUbiquitous-Plane Shear Stress
IconUbiquitous-Plane Normal Stress
IconUbiquitous-Plane Maximum Stress
IconUbiquitous-Plane Minimum Stress
IconOctahedral Shear Stress
IconMean Stress
IconSxx Cartesian Stress
IconSyy Cartesian Stress
IconSzz Cartesian Stress
IconTxy Cartesian Stress
IconTxz Cartesian Stress
IconTyz Cartesian Stress
IconEffective stress
IconTotal stress
IconInduced Stress
IconAbsolute Stress
IconMajor Principal Strain
IconIntermediate Principal Strain
IconMinor Principal Strain
IconMaximum Shear Strain
IconIn-Plane Shear Strain
IconIn-Plane Normal Strain
IconIn-Plane Maximum Strain
IconIn-Plane Minimum Strain
IconUbiquitous-Plane Shear Strain
IconUbiquitous-Plane Normal Strain
IconUbiquitous-Plane Maximum Strain
IconUbiquitous-Plane Minimum Strain
IconOctahedral Shear Strain
IconVolumetric Strain
IconExx Strain Component
IconEyy Strain Component
IconEzz Strain Component
IconExy Strain Component
IconEyz Strain Component
IconExz Strain Component
IconElastic strain
IconPlastic Strain
IconTotal Strain
IconInduced Strain
IconAbsolute Strain
IconTotal displacement
IconX displacement
IconY displacement
IconZ displacement
IconIn-plane normal displacement
IconIn-plane maximum displacement
IconUbiquitous-plane normal displacement
IconUbiquitous-plane maximum displacement
IconUser defined plot
IconPlot > Thermal/Flux
IconTotal flux
IconX flux
IconY flux
IconZ flux
IconIn-plane normal flux
IconIn-plane maximum flux
IconUbiquitous-plane normal flux
IconUbiquitous-plane maximum flux
IconStrength Factors
IconRock Mass Parameters
IconRockmass Strength Parameters
IconAccumulated Damage
IconS1 Excess Stress
IconTmax Excess Stress
IconToct Excess Stress
IconNS1 Normal Probability
IconSF-A Strength/Stress
IconSF-B Strength/Stress
IconSF-C Strength/Stress
IconSF/A Stress/Strength
IconSF/B Stress/Strength
IconSF/C Stress/Strength
IconIn-Plane Parameters
IconIn-plane parameters
IconAccumulated Damage
IconIn-plane Excess Shear Stress
IconIn-plane Excess Wall Stress
IconRCPip Rock Wall Condition Factor
IconNTip Normal Probability
IconSF-ip Strength/Stress
IconSF/ip Stress/Strength
IconUB-Plane Parameters
IconUbiquitous parameters
IconAccumulated Damage
IconUbiquitous Excess Shear Stress
IconUbiquitous Plane Excess Wall Stress
IconRCFub Rock Wall Condition Factor
IconNTub Normal Probability
IconSF-ub Strength/Stress
IconSF/ub Stress/Strength
IconSurface Components
IconSurface Contours Off
IconSerr Stress error
IconFerr Failure error
IconShear stress
IconNormal stress
IconShear strain
IconAccumulated strain
IconNormal strain
IconShear Displacement (Ride)
IconNormal Displacement (Closure)
IconSF-D Strength/Stress
IconExcess Shear Stress
IconIncremental Shear Strain
IconStress/Strain rate
IconNormal Flux
IconElastic strain
IconPlastic Strain
IconTotal Strain
IconAbsolute Strain
IconInduced Strain
IconInduced Stress
IconAbsolute Stress
IconDelem Distance to nearest element on surfaces
IconDgrid Distance to nearest grid on surfaces
IconDelem/Lelem DON ratio on surfaces
IconDgrid/Lelem DOL ratio on surfaces
IconDratio on surfaces
IconDgrid Distance to nearest element on grids
IconDgrid/Lgrid DOL ratio on grids
IconMatl# - Material Number on Grids
IconContour Range
IconGrid Selection
IconPlot Options
IconControl Parameters
IconMining Step Titles
IconMaterial Properties
IconMap3Di Setup
IconModel Information
IconAverage Box
IconPolygon Box
IconExcel Plot (Grids)
IconExcel Plot (Surfaces)
IconAnalysis Options
IconFF Loop
IconDD Loop
IconGrid Plane
IconGrid Line
IconConstruction Lines
IconEnter Point
IconExtrude/Offset Remaining
IconUndo Point
IconRedo Point
IconUndo Build
IconRedo Build
IconNearest Edge
IconNearest Corner
IconNearest Surface
IconMidpoint of Line
IconTangent Snap
IconIntersection Snap
IconTrace Virtual Line Snap
IconTrace Cline Snap
IconTrace Cloop Snap
IconRectangular Grid Snap
IconCircular Grid Snap
IconX-Grid Snap
IconY-Grid Snap
IconZ-Grid Snap
IconCursor/Grid Setup
IconXY Cursor
IconYZ Cursor
IconXZ Cursor
IconUser defined cooordinate system
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IconMining Step Titles
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IconMap3Di Setup
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IconEntity Properties
IconErase Entities
IconMove Entities
IconCopy Entities
IconScale Entities
IconRotate Azimuth
IconRotate Dip
IconDump to File
IconGroup Entities
IconStretch Verticies
IconMove Verticies to point
IconMove Verticies to X
IconMove Verticies to Y
IconMove Verticies to Z
IconMove Verticies to Plane
IconSubdivide Edges
IconSmooth Construction Lines
IconRemove Construction Line Vertex
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IconDigitizer Setup
IconResequence Block Links
IconRecheck Blocks for Errors
IconPack and Renumber Blocks
IconUnpack Blocks
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IconUnpack Clines
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IconReset Default Font
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IconXXL Size Buttons
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IconOpenGL <On/Off>
IconOpenGL Parameters
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IconOpenGL Redraw
IconOpenGL Pick
IconOpenGL Crosshairs
IconOpenGL Interactive Edit
IconDisk Performance Test
IconSmooth Scroll
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IconVisualization (of text files)
IconVisualization (of EVP files)
IconVisualization Database
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IconContents and Index
IconWhat's This?
IconWeb: www.map3d.com
IconEmail: support@map3d.com
IconEmail: Key check to support@map3d.com
IconDownload: Map3D update (setup.exe)
IconDownload: Map3D update (Map3D.zip)
IconDownload: HTML User's Manual
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IconAbout Map3D
IconAnalysis > Options > MSCALC Output File Name
IconAnalysis > Abort
IconAnalysis > Auto Plot
IconAnalysis > Auto Range
IconAnalysis > BEM Analysis
IconAnalysis > Discretization
IconAnalysis > Go to CAD
IconAnalysis > Go to Results
IconAnalysis > View Results
IconAnalysis > Intersections
IconAnalysis > Load Model
IconAnalysis > Minimize
IconAnalysis > Options > Accelerator
IconAnalysis > Options > Async I/O
IconAnalysis > Options > Auto Repair
IconAnalysis > Options > Batch
IconAnalysis > Options > CGM
IconAnalysis > Options > Closure
IconAnalysis > Options > Collinearity
IconAnalysis > Options > Collinearity Search Radius
IconAnalysis > Options > Collapse
IconAnalysis > Options > Creep
IconAnalysis > Options > #C/T
IconAnalysis > Options > Drive #
IconAnalysis > Options > Move Points
IconAnalysis > Options > MSCALC
IconAnalysis > Options > Initialization
IconAnalysis > Options > Initialization file name
IconAnalysis > Options > LERD/LSS
IconAnalysis > Options > LERD/LSS file name
IconAnalysis > Options > Linear
IconAnalysis > Options > Lumping
IconAnalysis > Options > Lumping Accuracy
IconAnalysis > Options > Planar
IconAnalysis > Options > P-ram
IconAnalysis > Options > Precondition
IconAnalysis > Options > Renumber
IconAnalysis > Options > Reset
IconAnalysis > Options > V-ram
IconAnalysis > Options > Verbose
IconAnalysis > Options > Zero Strain Placement
IconAnalysis > Suspend
IconAnalysis > Conclude
IconAnalysis > Disable
IconAnalysis Dialog
IconCAD > Properties > Map3Di Setup > View
IconCAD > Build > Block Mesh Spacing
IconCAD > Snap
IconCAD > Edit
IconCAD > Edit > Entity Properties > DDPlane Thickness
IconCAD > Edit > Entities
IconCAD > Edit > Entities
IconCAD > Edit > Build A List of Entities for Editing
IconCAD > Edit > Build A List of Verticies for Editing
IconCAD > Digitizer > Activate
IconCAD > Properties > Material Properties > Stress State
IconCAD > Properties > Material Properties > Stress State > Cartesian
IconCAD > Properties > Material Properties > Stress State > Datum
IconCAD > Build
IconFile > Open > Merge Materials
IconFile > Output > Animated GIF Recorder > Append Images
IconFile > PNT Output File Format
IconFile > PNT Construction Line File Format
IconFile > PNT Model File Format
IconFile > Restart File Formats
IconFile > Construction Line File Formats
IconFile > DXF Construction Line File Format
IconFile > DXF Model File Format
IconFile > INP Model File Format
IconFile > Open > Recent Directories
IconFile > Open > Merge Geometries
IconFile > Model File Formats
IconMaterials > Mohr-Coulomb in 3D FF Blocks
IconMaterials > Hoek-Brown in 3D FF Blocks
IconMaterials > Drucker-Prager in 3D FF Blocks
IconMaterials > Fault-Gouge in DD Planes
IconMaterials > Hyperbolic-Backfill in DD Planes
IconMaterials > Quadratic-Backfill in DD Planes
IconMaterials > Equilibrated-Gouge in DD Planes
IconMaterials > Yielding-Pillar in DD Planes
IconMaterials > User Defined Parameters
IconMaterials > Dump to File
IconMaterials > Expansion Coefficient and Conductivity
IconDock the View Toolbar
IconDock the Contour Toolbar
IconMap3D Analysis Stages
IconMap3D Versions
IconMap3D Fault-Slip
IconMap3D Modeller
IconMap3D Results Viewer
IconMap3Di Integrated Seismicity
IconMap3D Thermal-Fluid Flow
IconMap3D Non-Linear
IconMap3D Visco-Plastic
IconModel Building Tutorials
IconPlot > Stress
IconPlot > Failure Modes
IconPlot > Strain
IconPlot > Surface Components
IconStress Orientation Icon
IconTranslating the Model
IconView > Render > Discretize
IconVisualization > Make Point
IconGlobal Transform Z+ up
IconGlobal Transform Z- up_2

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